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Merry Christmas! 
25th-Dec-2007 06:02 pm
Michael gave me a brand-spanking new MacBook!!!! This was not what I was expecting at all. What a surprise! I did not get him anything that can compare, but I did get him a LARGE stuffed turtle. Here's a picture - for comparison's sake, Jefferson, sitting next to the turtle, is large cat about 14 pounds or so.

Michael also got me a Mighty Mouse and a computer game as well as some cool cat earrings! I got him a couple of games he asked for, a DVD, a toy and lots of candy. I got the better end of the deal - most definitely! :)

We've had a quiet day today. We have been taking care of a friend's cat while they are away, so we spent some time with her this afternoon. Otherwise, we've been hanging out - ok, I'll admit it, I've been playing with my new toy when Michael hasn't been updating it with the stuff off my old computer. :) We are making a turkey for dinner. Also on the menu: mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Can you tell we weren't home for Thanksgiving?

I hope that everyone that celebrates, has had a good Christmas day!
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